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Pre-College Year in Israel

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Many students take advantage of the opportunity to live, study, provide community service and travel in Israel for one or two years prior to college entry. The idea behind spending this time in Israel is to develop a further love of Judaism and foster strong personal faith habits so students can enter college a little older, wiser and strongly committed to their faith. It is understood that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and is strongly recommended to our students.

Each year, designated faculty members provide all Israel-Year advising to the students and are available for specific questions. This year, Rabbi Uri Grosberg will once again be advising Senior boys and girls and their parents. We have compiled much information on and applications for the many Israel programs to which seniors can apply. Additionally, representatives from many educational institutions visit HHNE to provide information about the Israel programs and to speak on the issue of which Israel programs are acceptable for college credit.

There are programs for men and women and HHNE maintains a complete list of all programs in our office. Rabbi Grosberg will also assist with submitting applications to the programs. Women can use the universal application for many programs while men are typically required to file individual applications. The application deadlines for these programs occur by December of your senior year, and it is important to anticipate the deadlines so you can coordinate the preparation of both college applications and Israel applications. It is also important to find out which colleges will allow you to defer you admission for one or two years while you spend your pre-college time in Israel. In addition, you may want to speak with Rabbis Grosberg and Weiner about the rules governing program eligibility for federal financial aid.

For more information about specific programs or the Israel-Year experience in general, we recommend you visit the Israel School Guide at YU's Center for the Jewish Future. For information about which schools are currently included in Yeshiva University's Israel program, please visit the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program website.